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Monochrome House designed by Builders Plus

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, you’ll love this monochrome house designed by builders plus. Located at Bidadari Park Dr, this 4 Room HDB is filled with beautiful black and white accents that give it a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Most monochrome house that we’ve seen uses a lot of blacks. Instead, this house uses mostly white colour instead. The feature wall uses lines at the design. If our guesses are right, the lines are actually in the measurement of the golden rule, also called the Fibonacci sequence.

Coming home to this house feels so bright with the main usage of white colour. Definitely lighten the mood with the brightness of the house. The track light used throughout the whole house design is using white colour as well!

The photography team at  Interior Photography SG was lucky enough to capture these stunning images of the home. If you’re interested in seeing more, be sure to check out their website!

This house design is one interesting one to get inspired by for your next design works, isn’t it? Save these photos down and put them into your mood board for your home renovation design needs!

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, check out our inspirations page to view the different designs done by various interior designers nicely organised for your reference needs. Simply save them down for your mood board, or show them to your interior designers.

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