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The Toilet Design is One Of The Nicest We’ve Seen

When it comes to interior design, the toilet is often an afterthought. However, Innerglow design believes that the toilet should be just as stylish as the rest of your home! Their contemporary HDB designs are perfect for those who want a luxurious feel, without breaking the bank.

What impresses our photographer most is the overall theme and the design of the toilet. It is truly amazing to see that it does not feel like living in HDB anymore. It certainly feels like entering a condominium unit when you are in the house.

With a nice black ceiling and overall consistent use of colour theme, this house brings out the contemporary word in interior designing. The smart use of simplicity, with a great way of using texture to bring out the design and the use of the colour, speaks a lot about the knowledge of this designer. The knowledge of how to make a house cosy.

Check out the toilet design, that looks so much better than the usual toilet you have seen in pictures. Rate it, isn’t it better than a hotel toilet. I believe if anyone’s wife were to ask the husband to sleep in the toilet, this is the toilet to sleep in.

This house design is one interesting one to get inspired by for your next design works, isn’t it? Save these photos down and put them into your mood board for your home renovation design needs!

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, check out our inspirations page to view the different designs done by various interior designers nicely organised for your reference needs. Simply save them down for your mood board, or show them to your interior designers.

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