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Swing At Home!

Life is all about enjoying it and having fun, isn’t it? This house was designed by interior design firm Todz’terior Pte Ltd. Located in the west of Singapore, Bukit Batok. The first impression from our photographer is that swing you see in the picture. Coming home to see something that relates to fun, definitely brings out the best mood to be at home.

We like to have fun because, at Interior Photography SG, we believe work is important, but having fun in life is importanter. Which makes having swing upon entering the house feels like you are entering a place where is it not dull.

Also, as we are a bunch of creatives and photographers, having fun keeps us being creative, which benefits all of you as our photographs will be nicer!

Through the eyes of our photographer, the design theme used for this house brings out the classy and unique mixture of victorian style and the contemporary design, which many of us like.

Using white with the victorian style on the walls and grey as the accent colour on the walls makes the house unique. Cleverly accented with other colours such as gold, and rose gold alike, with a mix of wooden and modern furniture, it brings out a good mixture of the two themes used for this interior design.

This house design is one interesting one to get inspired by for your next design works, isn’t it? Save these photos down and put them into your mood board for your home renovation design needs!

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, look no further than this amazing mixture of victorian style and modern contemporary designed by Tod’terior!

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